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The C-suite loves big data

Big data, Analytics and BI are terms that excite the C-suite executives. Leaders of Fortune 1000 companies make efficient use of...

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Tags: Analytics

Is your Incident Management as fast as the Incident?

The world is now hearing about how IT automation can transform complex IT processes and workflows. Something that we don't tend...

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Tags: Infra Services

Analysing your digital reach

Numbers play a major role in an organisation; be it sales, delivery or marketing. Metrics that talk what you as an individual...

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Tags: Marketing

Do you know your customer?
By CSSCorp On June 26, 2016

Do you know your customer?

There are different traits and characteristics that human beings exhibit. I would like to classify customers in 5 categories....

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Tags: Tech Support

Track your run...Track your sleep... also track what happens to YOUR data

I bought my first wearable fitness tracker not just out of sheer curiosity but also to track my "Fitness Regime", this little...

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Tags: Cloud Services, Internet of Things

Automate! But please don’t automate!!

Isn't this title an oxymoron? If you are still thinking that something is wrong with the title, you should read this post to have...

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Tags: Tech Support

The Insecurity of Things

Cyber-attacks has grown leaps and bounds in the last one year in the IoT world. Many IoT devices lack stringent security measures...

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Tags: Security Services

What's the Purpose of this Brief... Ms CMO?

The world is buzzing with new ideas. Technology is redefining the way brands interact with customers. Tapping the keyboard has...

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Tags: Marketing

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