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The Role of Speech Analytics in Tech Support

How many of you know that when you call a tech support agent, your conversations are recorded? If the tech support service is...

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Tags: Analytics, Tech Support

Six Sigma for InfraSupport
By Rajiv Nagarajan On September 19, 2016

Six Sigma for InfraSupport

Innovation has sustained to drive a hugely competitive environment within the IT industry. Some of the country’s greatest IT...

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Tags: Infra Services

Six Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

Writing emails that get responses is an incredibly valuable skill – and what makes an email likely to get a response is hard to...

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Tags: Marketing

Zero Touch Support
By CSSCorp On September 15, 2016

Zero Touch Support

Imagine you are driving your car in the highway. Your wife calls you on your mobile phone; and as you are driving, you are not...

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Tags: Analytics, Automation, Tech Support

Delighting Customers with Social Media Analytics | CSS CORP IS NOW MOVATE

Today, enterprises have the mandate to deliver delightful customer experience throughout the product lifecycle to retain their...

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Tags: Analytics, Tech Support, Movate

Sustainability in the Hi-tech Industry

The entire globe is aiming towards emission reduction and sustainability. Every sector is boosting its green score year-on-year...

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Tags: Corporate Social Responsibility

Optimised supply chain management for tech support enterprises

In the era of bimodal tech support, tech support firms need to have a strong digital strategy to future proof their services to...

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Tags: Tech Support, Thought Leadership

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