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CSS EDISON™ Delivers Business Outcomes and ROI in CX

In the age of platform wars where CX pros seek to get that extra edge over their competitors, CSS EDISON ™ shows it has a mind of its own. The intuitive thinker finds a place in the strategic arsenal of every decision-maker wanting to retransform and get ahead in a competitive landscape. The platform emerged as the 2021 Gold Stevie Winner for the best use of technology in customer service. Let's discover the journey and what makes this product a cut above the rest.


The Coming-Of-Age Story

Let’s be clear, the platform is certainly not a new kid on the block. Pandemic or no pandemic, CSS EDISON™ was never an afterthought but a gradual evolution over the past 5 years to morph into a product that's ready to adapt for tomorrow. Having started as Digital Contact Center (DCC), the upgraded version now known as CSS EDISON ™ is built on 3 pillars: Customer Engagement, Intelligence and Insights, and Associate Amplification. "The journey thus far has witnessed the upgraded avatar taking the market by storm—3 pillars, 4 strategies, 6 outcomes. Clients get the real deal," remarked a design thinker from the Innovation Labs team at CSS Corp. A sharp eye on the agent experience (engineers or associates), CX, and outcomes mean CSS EDISON™ holds a tight reign over the support ecosystem.

Figure 1: Our design thinkers are like the finest craftsmen who bring you the new age CX platform in all its glory.

Disruptive Modules in the Offing

A peek into the inner trappings of the modular CX Platform reveals 14 modules that effortlessly integrate with manifold applications and systems of clients. "Other big players in the market offer a narrow and siloed focus on either customer solutions or agent productivity or AI-ML models. But it's never 'either or' with CSS EDISON™. Our platform goes the whole 9-yards by ensuring clients get a 360-degree view of the operations," quipped a scientist from CSS Corp. The platform orbits on a higher plane than other market rivals because it synergistically binds different ecosystem components. Clients can opt to deploy a few modules, or the complete package based on their requirements; deployment takes just a matter of weeks. By the way, the secure and customizable cloud-based platform performs like a charm for those wanting an on-prem deployment.

CSS EDISONTM - Blog banner 1

"Light Bulb" Moments Worth Investing

Considering the litany of pain areas that decision-makers contend with in today's market, CSS EDISON™ has the answer to every pressing issue thanks to the extensive investment of research and technology that has gone into it over the years of development. In today's market, the criticality of swift turnaround times and faster time-to-market is pivotal. Considering priorities of B2B and B2C decision-makers, a team comprising CX futurists, design thinkers, scientists, and innovators studied workflows, APIs, data sources, and knowledge bases to develop robust and flexible frameworks ready to be deployed in any customer's environment. Take Smart IVR & Bots, for example, trained to integrate with any other applications (RPA, CRMs, Ticketing applications…) and handle detailed queries and ingest volumes of data.

CSS EDISONTM - Blog banner 2

The numbers say it all. Client success stories are rife with business and customer outcomes after deploying the award-winning platform: 

  • 84% automation of first call resolution;
  • 24% reduction in customer churn;
  • $2.7M savings committed over 3 years;
  • 100% quality assurance agent-base coverage to enhance performance;
  • 9% minimum TCO reduction, and many more.

Don’t miss the success story below on how a client reduced customer churn via CSS EDISON™ Smart Routing Solution.

Blog quotes- CSS EDISONTM blog - 3

Bright Future Ahead

"We listen to our customers and bring 25+ years of experience to bear in crafting a solution that speaks to the times we're in. When the pandemic struck, CSS EDISON™ was mature enough to scale efficiencies and productivity for our clients," remarked a solution architect. While CSS EDISON™ stands as the finest example of a platform harnessing the twin benefits of low-code and traditional development, plans to shift toward a predominant low-code are underway. The platform couldn't have come at a better time than this. At a time when controlling support processes, optimizing costs and superlative CX are tablestakes, CSS EDISON™ delivers unparalleled experiences for customer acquisition, retention, and renewals.

Much has been said and there’s lot to unpack about the inner psyche of the platform. Dive into the details on CSS EDISON™ or contact us to talk to an expert.

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