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ImpacToons: #1 Playbook on Digital Support & Enterprise IT

As we look toward a new year, economic uncertainty is the harsh reality staring at us. Despite these murky times, CSS Corp has been at the forefront in delivering memorable CX for top brands via digitally-infused support and enterprise IT services. Having helped clients resiliently navigate the disruption, CSS Corp aims to hasten digital readiness and ensure clients achieve statistically significant advances in CX. The post-pandemic world requires a shift in the way enterprises operate and the way enterprises serve customers. The once-in-an-era opportunity to accelerate digital agendas is now.


A Playbook for Decision Makers

To help enterprises make the shift, CSS Corp offers the most compelling material to help decision makers. ImpacToons is exactly the playbook that senior executives will find useful to generate new ideas for their business and IT environment.   An assortment of 18 comic strips offer practical use-cases of using bots, AI and automation in day-to-day business scenarios in customer and technical support as well as enterprise IT.

What's in It for Decision Makers?

ImpacToons succinctly showcases real-time use case solutions for decision makers. The customer and technical support section covers

  • Omnichannel experiences with virtual assistant
  • Empowering agents through customer sentiment analysis
  • Device replacement powered by GADET+
  • Self-help through AI-based recommendation engine
  • Installation support made easy through AR
  • Faster ticket resolution with offline code generation
  • Self-help with visual IVR for resolving network connectivity

The section on enterprise IT, covers

  • Unlock accounts through mobile-based multi-factor authentication
  • Optimizing cloud spend via automation and advanced analytics
  • Reduced wait time via scheduled call back
  • Intuitive self-service through phone deflection
  • Seamless app-enabled ticket and incident management
  • Automated disk space optimization via intelligent self-healing
  • Remote support and troubleshooting via GADET+
  • System performance issue resolution via scheduled optimization
  • Account password recovery through AI-based application
  • Customized campaign management for increasing sales pipeline
  • Customized campaign management through a predefined tech stack

Schedule a special session with a CSS CORP consultant to discuss potential applications of these use cases. Click here to access the playbook.

There’s more to come. Stay Tooned!

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