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Do you have a domotic home?

domotic home

Imagine a world where all the devices in your life connect to the internet. Yes! The alarm clock that wakes you up every morning, the car that you drive, the TV that you watch and the smart phone that is in your hand all the time - if all these are connected to the internet, it becomes the Internet of Things; this has become key idea to home automation.

Home automation (also called domotic) is a subset field within building automation, specializing in the specific automation requirements of private homes and in the application of automation techniques for the comfort and security of its residents. The main difference between domotic and building automation is that in domotic, everything revolves around ergonomics (human factors). [Read our earlier blog on Domotic]

Domotic helps you to control items in your house – from coffee machines, to switching on fans and opening window shades with just one touch or voice command. Yes, it does make a person a little lazy. The following connected home systems will be enrich your home and make it a smart home.


DigitalStrom converts your home's powerlines into a network. The DigitalStrom modules resembles colourful Legos blocks. They can be installed behind the electrical switches in your home and connected with the DigitalStrom meter and server. The DigitalStrom powered home will adjust cooking surface, lightings and other settings including shower speed and pressure according to the person's preference by recognising their faces and gestures. They could also brew hot coffee for you when you just smile into the camera as they detect your expressions. DigitalStrom makes your home domotic at least by 25%. Check their website here.

Samsung Smart Things

I have a brand new Samsung TV at home and I am happy that Samsung is coming up with their Smart Things home monitoring kit. This kit can be integrated with my TV which will help me to monitor 200 Smart Things modules and sensors – ZigBee devices such as smart door locks which I can control using my TV remote. This will make me a couch potato. I can watch my favourite football match on TV as well as feeds from my security cameras, and I do not have to even use my smart phone to check if my doorbell rings. To know more about Samsung Smart Things, click here

The Sensor-wake alarm clock

Are you the kind of person who sets an alarm for 5 am and keeps on pressing the snooze button every 5 minutes and eventually gets out of bed at 6.30 am? If the answer is yes, your brain might have been tuned to the clock alarm sound and may not respond to the alarm sound. This is where Sensor- wake alarm clocks come handy by waking you up from sleep with pleasant smells instead of harsh sounds.

But studies show that human beings cannot sense smell once they are fast asleep. Sensor- wake's unique dry air diffusion technology produces extremely intense, concentrated smells that cut through the fog of slumber. The clock promises to gently rouse you from slumber within two minutes of its scent alarm going off. The scent capsules can be recycled, and current offerings include Chocolate, Peppermint, Espresso, Croissant, and Lush Jungle (cut grass and leaves). Each of these scent capsules is good for 30 awakenings. To know more about Sensor-wake alarm clock, click here.

All these three products are brand new domotic products for 2016 and if you need to convert your home into an intelligent home, all you have to do is have them installed in your home.

What are the domotic devices installed in your home? How do they help you?

- Prason


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