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The secret sauce for search engine friendly websites

The popularity of a webpage is based on how good it ranks in search engines. Not everyone can take the number one position. With my experience in bringing up a couple of webpages to the top of search engine results, I decided it is high time that I shared with everyone a couple of tricks that I always use to spice up a website so that it gets picked up by search engines. A hi-tech website may have rich content and visuals; but if it does not have the secret ingredient, it may not be search engine friendly

 secret sauce

Here is my secret sauce to create search engine friendly webpages.

I am going to give away the secret right at the beginning. It is nothing but "BACKLINKS". For those who know how SEO works, this is no brainer. Some may even say "Do you think that a backlink will do the trick?" My answer would be "Yes! It does. If you know how to use them and where to use them."

For the uninitiated, backlinks are links that point to your website from other webpages, blogs, and social media sites. Search engines like Google consider them seriously. The more the backlinks a website has, the stronger the webpage is in becoming search engine friendly. This would automatically bolster your website up in the search engine rankings.

Now comes the catch. If you think that by adding too many backlinks, your site value goes up, you may be wrong. If you spam other sites with your backlinks, search engines may blacklist your web page. That is the last thing you want in the online world. Without further ado, I will give away three ways how you can populate your webpage with backlinks. I advocate you to try this and follow this in your web pages. You will see good results within a month or two.

1) Internal links

Internal links are links that are placed strategically in your blog or webpage that will point the reader to go to another page within the same website or blog. Internal backlinks will increase the time spent by the user on your blog and it reduces bounce rates for your page. Read my blog post on bounce rate to know more about how to reduce them. See! I have just added a backlink in this post that leads you to a post that I wrote earlier. External backlinks that point to your website from other pages also help boost your search engine ranking. You can submit your link in related forums, blog directories, article mentions and benefit from them.

2) Link blog with social media

If you have a webpage and if it is not connected to the popular social media sites, then you are doing it wrong. Many social media sites only allow "no-follow" traffic. No-follow is a value that can be assigned to the real attribute of an HTML element to instruct some search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link's target in the search engine's index. Even if linking blogs to social media do not contribute directly to a bump in backlinks, it will indirectly contribute in bringing website traffic. Traffic plays a major role in boosting search engine rankings

3) Comment on relevant blogs and forums

This is the easiest way to build links to your blog. Make sure to post the links in relevant blogs. If you keep on posting your links on non-relevant pages, you may be blacklisted for spamming. So do some research and find suitable blogs and forums and post your links. Use the comments section in the blog to full extent.

Let me stop with these three points. These are very simple and straight forward ways to increase your search engine rank and it does not need technical skills. Anyone can try this and reap success. Can you share some more easy methods to effectively use backlinks? There are many. I would like to know how you use them. Your comment might help someone. So go ahead and comment :)

- Anukumar Karunakaran

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