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Go the customer’s way

There is always a notion that states “the vision of a company reflects on its customer’s experience” and that is so true in today’s ever changing market. We all have our own experience’s that creates a good or bad impression and will reflect in our opinion about recommending a product or company. Every transaction will go a long way in determining our loyalty and how long we want to be associated with an enterprise, and more importantly how our customers value our service.

Today, the trend is changing all the time. In the dynamic world of customer service and support, companies are constantly evolving customer service skills to meet the demands that will enable them to be better and innovative than the competitors. On the other side of the fence, customers are much more aware of their requirements and demand faster results. In today’s world, options are limitless and that is why it is very essential to be the best and serve it well in the very first shot. It’s not always what you serve, but also how you serve!

The bridge that connects a customer and the company is the team behind the customer services. Although proper training is the key to building a stronger bridge, employees need to realize one fact that, every movement, every word uttered would reflect the organizations vision. One of the important keys to providing excellent customer service is to understand the specific requirements of each customer as it varies from one customer to another. This is when it becomes so much vital to go the customer’s way and the best way of doing it is to be in the customers’ shoes. The need to think beyond our cubicles is very vital. It is important to grab every opportunity of not just providing good customer service, but also reflect the etiquettes of the company in those services in every single transaction.

In today’s global enterprise and uniform technology, what sets one’s support organization apart from another? Well, cultural attitudes and ethnic beliefs for one. But it is imperative that solutions should go beyond all such cultural barriers to provide the solutions as the per the customer’s requirements. The approach needs to be different for different customers and that can be achieved by understanding the cultural differences. Geography has its own role to play and one needs to understand the difference. You serve the same to all but it differs in how you serve them? The approach needs to be different for different cultures.

Technology is the tool that sculptures businesses in the modern days and it is very important to use technology to its fullest so that the aim of providing the best customer service with superlative experiences can be achieved.

Shakheel Navaz

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