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Zero Touch Support


Imagine you are driving your car in the highway. Your wife calls you on your mobile phone; and as you are driving, you are not able to pick up the phone and answer her. You have two options now to talk to your wife

  1. Pull up the car to the side of the road and call your wife
  2. Use the hands free device connected to the phone and talk to your wife

Most people will use the second option in the fast paced world. But to activate hands-free call service, the user has to still touch the smart phone to converse. But technology is constantly evolving this rapidly. The push towards zero touch services has become mainstream – where touching your smart device can be optional.

Imagine the same scenario, where you are driving your car. Your wife feels like eating out with you. So she uses “Zero touch services” on her phone and asks you if you want to go out to have dinner. Your smartphone that is mounted in your car dashboard asks you if you would be interested to go out for dinner. All you have to do is say “YES”. Using zero touch services, you can let your wife know where you are and the restaurant that you wish to take her. Additionally, you can also find the ratings of the restaurant and book a table at the restaurant through the same service. You would be able to do all this without even touching your smart phone. This is what Zero touch services can do to you. Logitech’s zero touch In-car service has implemented this, makes life convenient for its users.

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Zero Touch Support

Products that are built with zero touch services can make life easy for the user. Tech support enterprises that offer zero touch support play a vital role in serving this “Zero touch” world. Outsourced Tech support firms are working towards understanding how new products are being developed and sold in the market.

In this world that is disrupted by technology, one of the examples I would like to call upon is Facebook’s Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality gaming product. The support required for such a product is different from the way one avails support for TV or a Wi-Fi product. Products like Oculus Rift are sold online, the tech support is availed online, and products are serviced online.

When these products experience glitches, the tech support agents log in to the product to fix them from remote locations. It is similar to getting in your personal computer in a traditional manner from a remote location to fix issues; but in a more advanced manner in rendering support. The focus of tech support firms shifting towards “zero touch support”.

Imagine you have a Wi-Fi modem that connects with a streaming device which enables you to watch hundreds of channels on your TV. If there is an issue with the streaming device, you would not be able to watch the channels on TV. As a user, you might be assuming that the problem is with the Wi-Fi modem. An efficient tech support firm would assess the situation, identify the problem and fix the problem even before the user realises that there is a problem. This is the power of zero touch support.

OEMs are also investing in machine learning driven support and self-healing frameworks. This is a clear indication that tech support is moving away from a traditional, time & material and even instance based models towards a zero touch support service model.

The right tech support partner

An OEM company that requires a tech support partner, should analyse if that tech support partner has the potential to cater to the new age product services as well as the existing legacy support models. In other words, a tech support enterprise should be able to offer bimodal tech support.

- Ravi Shelvankar


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