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The Gold Standard in CX Innovation Is Here

A fine line separates the good from the best, conventional from the unconventional, and laggards from the innovators. Treading this razor-thin line and going beyond is CSS Corp's digital CX innovation prowess that comes to the rescue of enterprises who are at the crossroads of digital transformation

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When you mention the phrase "digital innovation" today, it immediately invokes a cliched response: "Who isn't innovating? Isn't everyone working on their CX innovation?" Without an iota of doubt, lots of tech firms are innovating at a brisk pace because the democratization of new-age technologies is the norm. However, when it comes right down to the wire of delivering differentiated value to clients and clinching laurels alongside the giants of innovation, there's got to be one winner who takes it all. While many players are indeed innovating, it's in this brave new world of disruption where CSS Corp is marching past others through fresh, rigorous, innovating thinking that stands out and passes muster. 

CSS Corp's Digital Customer Experience Platform gave a humdinger of a start to the year 2020 by winning the Business Intelligence Group's (BIGInnovation Award. So, what is CSS Corp's value, and how is it different from its contemporaries who are also innovating?

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A One-Of-A-Kind Transformation

In a market where time and customers translate to dollars, intelligent technology that transforms the enterprises' customer support function into a leaner, agile, profitable, and efficient one is imperative. With no time or customers to lose, enterprises are determined to provide seamless customer support experience. For a moment, think about the buzzing floor of customer support centers of any global brand. Not retaining a dissatisfied customer nor addressing negative feedback sets off the ripples of unfavorable word-of-mouth across reviews and social media. Metrics and dashboards instantly enter into a red warning phase that raises alarm bells across the production floors and management teams. 

Considering these ramifications, transforming the way enterprises deliver support to their customers is of the essence. Critical scenarios are precisely where the Digital Customer Experience Platform stands out to provide a top pedigree of CX transformation.


Big-Picture Thinking

Let's debunk the clichéd response to the digital innovation mentioned earlier. Every new-age organization is caught up in the throes of innovation, but not every enterprise takes a holistic view of mission-critical scenarios. In other words, it's about using technology from a big-picture perspective. CSS Corp's platform leverages AI on three essential pillars of any complex tech support environment: end-user experience, operational efficiency, and support engineer productivity. Other technologies such as automation, AI, and AR come to the fore to deliver personalized support, smart automation, and cogent analytics. While it's true that every other player in the market uses chat-bots, CSS Corp's solution transcends bland chat-bots support by tapping into AI-OPS to transform the customer support operations center. 

Tech support across industries and domains vary. Flexibility to adapt to various technical environments and customization to suit any customer environments are the traits that lend the ultra-innovative punch.


The Big and Bold of Digital Innovation

Having studied millions of uses cases in the customer support environment, design thinkers have walked many a mile in the shoes of actual production floor managers and decision-makers to understand the core problems that undermine CX. With the help of a reservoir of real-world scenarios, the award-winning platform takes a pragmatic view to offer a cutting-edge solution that unlocks value to all stakeholders. The answer is path-breaking for its ability to optimize AI algorithms for various processes across the support ecosystem. 

Performance metrics are what production floor managers and higher-ups study carefully. Rest assured that the Digital Customer Experience Platform's capabilities paint a fresh and vivid collage of graphs and numbers when it comes to TCO, AHT, CES, CSAT, call volumes, resolution time, and response times. The automated process and ticketing, and smart analytics-driven up-sell and cross-sell have unearthed new revenue streams that clients could never envisage earlier. As a result, decision-makers have more time on hand and clarity of focus to deal with the nub of their issues and make strategic business decisions.


There's Only One Winner

Unlike that of any other new age innovator in the market, CSS Corp has inventively leveraged the power of AI. Taking a holistic view, offering customization, and aiding in decision making have leaned down operations, reduced cost, and improved CX for many clients. These efficiencies have transformed cost centers into profit centers and caught the attention of award judges despite a line-up of other innovation giants vying for the same prize. 

The gold trophy at the beginning of the year propels CSS Corp to take bigger and bolder strides toward ground-breaking CX innovation in the months ahead.

Sriharsha Rao

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