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Badge of Honor: Here's the CX Leader in Telecom & Media | CSS CORP IS NOW MOVATE

Telecom and media service providers are redrafting customer engagement and Customer Experience (CX) strategies in the wake of an unpredictable pandemic. They’ve been affected the most, and they’re scurrying to stop customer churn and customer demand from dwindling even further.


In this New Normal, CSS Corp’s leadership stands out for its capabilities in delivering quick benefits and its capabilities in meeting future requirements. The NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) positioned CSS Corp as a leader across all 4 market segments in their report “CX services in Telecoms & Media.”

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Ivan Kotzev, NelsonHall's CX Services Lead Analyst, remarked that Digital technologies have disrupted the current CX landscape, and clients need a partner to utilize these technologies efficiently. Here are 5 strengths that make CSS Corp the right-sized CX partner of choice for telecom and media clients.

  1. The Right-Sized Partner with Strong CX Capabilities 
  2. The Right-Sized Partner with Creative Commercial Models 
  3. The Right-Sized Partner with Strategic Foresight
  4. The Right-Sized Partner with a Growth Trajectory 
  5. The Right-Sized Partner with Resilience 


#1. The Right-Sized Partner with Strong CX Capabilities

CSS Corp offers preemptive and proactive support through a mix of consulting expertise, industry accelerators, and proprietary assets. Here are some specifics:

  • The team owns a tool stack of approximately 20 proprietary digital accelerators, nearly 100 cognitive automation plug-ins, around 60 pre-built integrations, and a platform with functional and domain-relevant features.

  • The team offers a framework for advanced agent recruitment, training, and engagement through the support of proprietary platforms, 3rd-party analytics, and automation tools.

  • CSS Corp’s virtual user guidance and AR-powered tech support reduce field visits, repairs, and improve resolution times. The team’s remote resolutions entail object or device recognition, classification, and diagnosis. Clients can eliminate the costs of staff training and reduce training time. CSS Corp is creating POCs for telecom device providers, networking, and home connectivity segment.

  • The team has invested in attribute-based smart routing; this initiative matches customer personas with agent personas using attributes such as empirical transactions, agent skills, and customer problems. Greater personalization and context-rich conversations are in the offing.

  • The team offers proactive agent support. An example is the use of analytics on the logs imported from customer devices to analyze the possible issues that may arise. Based on these issues, the analytics engine shares “knowledge” articles to equip the agent to resolve issues.

As the maturity of omnichannel increases in the coming years, CSS Corp is at a vantage point to offer profound CX transformation through prescriptive analytics, self-service delivery, and cognitive bots.

CSS Corp's Innovation Labs comprise design thinkers, UX, UI, & CX designers, Big Data pros, data scientists, and bot gurus besides AI & NLP developers.


#2. The Right-Sized Partner with Creative Commercial Models

Customers benefit from mature commercial models to support digital transformation initiatives through flexible and outcome-based contracts.

The result is a significant drop in transaction costs for clients over the life of the project. For example, when charging a price per transaction after implementing a digital suite, the subsequent costs of other phases are spread out throughout the contract. As the project progresses, the model shares operational benefits such as AHT reduction, FCR increase, and the like.

Telecom clients are showing interest in alternative commercial terms, and CSS Corp is ideally poised to offer relevant pricing models and capabilities in building proposals for digital transformation projects.

CSS Corp committed to an approximately 75% reduction in transactional cost in one of its telecom proposals.


#3. The Right-Sized Partner with Strategic Foresight

The team is thinking "futuristic" and "future-readiness." Forward thinking entails:

  • Going beyond regular tech support to take charge of the entire ecosystem through proprietary platforms and tools that integrate with existing applications with an eye on specific domains.

  • Consultative selling approach through solution workshops to rope in managers from a cross-section of the industry (like Silicon Valley) to identify transformation opportunities. These events abound with use cases and data inputs to build solutions and demonstrate new technologies.

Other programs include client executive surveys and project feedback sessions that help the team venture beyond the horizons of traditional support.


#4. The Right-Sized Partner with a Growth Trajectory

According to Markets and Markets, the primary driving factor for the global CX market growth is the heightened need to improve customer engagement and reduce customer churn. Clients need a better understanding of their customer metrics, and they need to plan better engagement strategies. Look no further than CSS Corp's global perspectives on customer trends. Rapid expansion is underway at Central America (Costa Rica), Asia (Hyderabad & Manila), and South America (Columbia) to support global clients in various languages.

Benefit from a diversified geographic delivery with WFH agents, and a sharp focus on near-shore and onshore centers.


#5. The Right-Sized Partner with Resilience

Top analysts hailed the team’s wherewithal, stability, and growth during the pandemic. By March 23, 2020, CSS Corp decamped 100% of its workforce to a remote-work model. The proprietary RESILIENCE framework oversaw every facet of operations from real estate and facilities management to support function alignment, IT connectivity, data security, SLAs, and more.

2020 Silver Stevie Award for Great Employers: Recognized as the torchbearer of exemplary employee-centric initiatives, CSS Corp embodies empathy in the New Normal.

The Most Important Decision

NelsonHall expects the global CX services market for telecom and media to touch around $33.3 billion by 2024. While many service providers will aim for a share of the pie, clients need to work with the proven partner. A leader who offers advanced commercial terms and cognitive capabilities backed up by the ability to execute everlasting CX transformation is the best bet.

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