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CSS Corp’s KYRA Transforms Tech Support

CSS Corp's KYRA is elevating tech support to a whole new level. The Augmented Reality (AR) solution presents significant opportunities by bolstering tech support during the pandemic. Social distancing stipulations have also contributed to the high adoption of AR. All these years, visual and remote diagnostics aspects of support have been in vogue without the AR overlay and markers, but not anymore. CSS Corp is now deploying its proprietary platform for CX and enterprise support. But just to make things clear, KYRA is not only used for tech support but also deployable across various functions such as HR, talent management, sales and marketing, IT and OPS.  It integrates with multiple systems and leverages: 

  • Shift-left automation approach.
  • Conversational AI for human-like interactions.
  • Smart voice assistance in real-time.

A few examples include optimizing field operations, technician training, and engineer collaboration.

    CSS Corp is using an AR simulated environment to train its workforce that is operating on a work-from-home model during the Covid-19 crisis.



Leveraging KYRA

The top 3 use cases where KYRA enhances support include remote agent support with AR overlays and markers for solving user problems, AR integrated virtual assistance for automating user engagement through smart bots, and self-service using AR for offering step-by-step visual troubleshooting via interactive user manuals, component instructions, and usage guidance. A project involving these use cases is underway for a top telecom manufacturing company in the US. 

Before discussing the benefits of KYRA for the client, here's a simple example of how troubleshooting works. A user or field engineer uses a smartphone to scan the package's QR code. The scanning prompts the user to accept the app download. After the download, the user then asks the bot (bot is part of the app) for a virtual user manual. When the user scans the error messages or photographs of the product, KYRA identifies the product model and downloads the relevant user guides and articles from a knowledge base containing rich media content, and shows the product components.

        KYRA reduces the need for users to contact support and helps them resolve the issue by themselves through successive steps and guidance.


The KYRA team proposes remote resolutions to help field engineers in the telecom industry that is rife with high-volume dispatches for no-fault cases and low fix rates. CSS Corp offers to optimize field operations by assisting field engineers through virtual technical assistance in a live environment for remote installations, repairs, and maintenance. KYRA can reduce 90% of no-fault dispatches and approximately 25% of unscheduled truck roll costs. This AR project proposal will save costs and engineers' time and improve CSAT rates.

Benefits of KYRA

Through animations and AR markers, the virtual assistant explains how to set up and use the components. Voice control, image scrolling, and freezing are in addition to the spoken and written instructions. If problems persist, then a chatbot communicates the self-help instructions. Despite all these attempts at troubleshooting, if the issue is unresolved, then the application connects the user to a live human agent who takes over from that point. The app transfers the case data to the live agent.

The quantitative benefits of using KYRA in the project mentioned earlier include

  • 38% reduction in AHT through automation;
  • 23% quicker problem resolution; and,
  • 94% automation efficiencies for 20% of the volumes.

Addressing Challenges

KYRA compensates for the shortcomings or lack of network bandwidth and high data speeds by using cloud-based AR. During 2-way video calls, CSS Corp solves the data threat problem by masking or blurring sensitive user information (passwords and surrounding information) from the human agent. The team drives the app's user-engagement through exclusive features and incentives.

  With data security being the top concern for most clients, CSS Corp guarantees data security by using tools that comply with PCI DSS standards.


Looking Ahead

AR provides a great ambiance and an excellent boost for remote collaboration and troubleshooting that can assist in training and guiding engineers. The team is exploring new industries such as consumer electronics, networking, and connected environments along with the possibilities of integrating KYRA with CSS Corp's existing digital platforms like Contelli to map IT infrastructure and applications. With AR-enabled smartphones and virtual product testing on the rise, KYRA has many more use-cases and advantages in the offing.

It offers a user experience that feels as if being there!

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