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Can we trust the CSAT score?


New Year brings in new hope, new challenges and new resolutions. I have made some resolutions. Hope you would have made yours too. One of the resolutions that I have taken this year is to read 24 books this year. That is 2 books in a month. I usually pick a book based on book reviews. Off late I have seen a trend where paid book reviews have bolstered the value of some books that do not have good content. This brings me to the question – Can I trust book reviews?

Last month I serviced my bike in a popular show room in Chennai. One day after I serviced the bike, I got a call from the showroom. This is how the conversation went

Call Agent ( CA ) : Hello sir, Is this Prason

Me : Yes, speaking

CA : I am calling from XYZ show room. I called you to get feedback about the service we offered to your bike

Me : Yes Ma'm. I am not happy with the service, because the brakes are not working properly

CA : Sorry sir. I have registered your feedback. I will ask a service centre representative to come to your house and pick the bike
This conversation went on for another 2 minutes and finally she came to the much important question

CA : Sir, I would also like you to rate our services. Would you give us a 9 or a 10 for our service

Me : Excuse me Ma'm. Is this a 10 point scale or a two point scale?

CA : Sir, If you are not happy with the service, you can select 9 and if you are happy with the service you can select 10.

Me : Can't I select 5 or 6 because I am seriously not happy with the service?

CA : No Sir, These are the only two options

Me : Sorry Ma'm. In that case I wish to not answer this question as I feel it is unfair to give a 9 rating for a pathetic service.

Later when I checked the complaint section in social media, lot of customers had registered their complaints about the service centre for poor service. At the same time the service centre boasted of a CSAT score which was well above 90%.

The customer satisfaction score, or CSAT as it's often called, intends to measure a customer's satisfaction with the service received. In its simplest form, CSAT is expressed as a percentage between 0 and 100, with 100% representing complete customer satisfaction.

CSAT score is the sum of respondents that answered somewhat or very satisfied. Obviously, the higher the number the higher your customer satisfaction will be. Enterprises should be true while capturing responses and feedbacks from customers. What distinguishes a good company from a great one is the latter's ability to learn from customer feedback and act accordingly.

Share with us about an experience where a customer feedback has helped you in bringing a visible change in your business?

- Prason


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