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Four predictions for Infrastructure Management Services in 2016

After a few years of the cloud buzz, 2015 was the year that saw the Internet of Things (IoT) taking a giant leap in the digital space. It was a year that saw a flurry of developments in how enterprises use IT infrastructure.

The demand for superior customer experience went high in the last 12 months and the enterprises have identified the need to improve the quality of their services. Enterprises started focusing on simplification of IT processes. But to make matters worse, cyber threats increased with increasing security lapses which has forced enterprises to rethink on their security strategy.

With the trend we saw in 2015, it is becoming clear that 4 major trends will influence Infrastructure Management Services in 2016.

Four critical changes to IT infrastructure usage you should be aware of in 2016

IT Infra support predictions

1. Automation will be the game changer

The world around is rapidly stepping into the automation mode. 2016 will be the year of enterprise wide automation. Enterprises will go lean; yet productivity will be doubled. Enterprises will focus on operating and functioning in a simplified manner.

"Automation will double up productivity"

Gartner says that within three years, 45% of the fastest-growing companies will have fewer employees than instances of smart machines. Automation will redefine the role of employees in the workplace as it unlocks access of knowledge and skills to a wider range of employees. The human- automation duo will evolve together and will compliment efficiently in the digital world.

2. Focus on Quality

Every enterprise relies on its IT infrastructure for operational efficiency. The dynamic and increasingly complex IT environments make it challenging for in-house teams to continue to deliver high availability and high performance applications.

Enterprises that want to stay a step ahead in the competition will take up this challenge so that no compromise is made on quality even if that squeezes the enterprise's financial treasury.

To bring quality into the system, investments will be made in innovation and automation. This in turn brings me back to the first point I mentioned – automation.

"Automation will drive Quality"

3. Adapting to disruptive technologies

We live in the era of digital disruption. The word "Digital disruption" is no longer a mythical buzz word concocted to stir up fear, but a general state of business reality in a world governed by technology.

Cloud technologies, IoT applications, digital products will continue to evolve and will push the boundaries in 2016. Adapting to cloud percentage will increase multi-fold in 2016 and 2017.

It is critical from an organisation point of view and also from a service provider point of view to come together and create a solution that is completely homogeneous and also guide the enterprise to adapt to new technologies like cloud and VDI (Virtual desktop interfaces).

Enterprises should adapt to this evolving disruption. It will be a gamble worth investing in, because these disruptive technologies will drive enterprises in 2016 and beyond. The future belongs to enterprises that are able to harness digital to drive superlative customer experience (CX). That brings us to the next important area enterprises will focus on – "CX"

4. Boosting Customer Experience

CX is in the top of the list for all C-suite executives when they make investment decisions. Automation, quality and adapting to disruptive technologies will work together to give a holistic customer experience.

Instead of providing holistic CX, enterprises should focus on providing superlative CX in every pocket where the customer comes in contact with them. The enterprises that focus on bettering their CX quotient at all business unit levels will be able to deliver an enriching CX.

These are the main developments in IT infrastructure that enterprises need to be aware of as they strategically move forward.

Is your enterprise geared up to focus on these 4 areas in 2016?

- Chinari Prusty (CB)
Senior Vice President & Global Head - IMS


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