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Virtual Hiring in the New Normal

Recruiters are turning toward Virtual Collaboration platforms that offer 100% mobile experiences during physical distancing stipulations by the government.


The pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives. In our effort to combat it, there have inevitably been consequences to our lives, businesses, and the economy. It’s been challenging for employees and employers alike. The global job market paints a grim picture of the work scenario for many who are stuck at home with families to manage. Business repercussions across industries are forcing leaders to re-think and adapt to ensure business continuity in the new normal.

   The IT and ITES sector, which was once brimming with job opportunities and hiring activities, has lost some sheen because of Covid-19.


HR at the Forefront

Employees feel they are wading through murky waters with no clue on what’s in store with every passing day. Stepping out of the house is a privilege, and having a kitchen shelf stocked with groceries is in itself an achievement. Only time will tell if the days of frequenting prospective employers for evaluation tests and successive interviews are gone. Job seekers during these corona times are in for a surprise. Everything is going virtual. Remote meetings, virtual collaboration, and digital recruitment are the ways to get through these distressing days.

Across various industries, the HR function faces the brunt of sourcing and engaging talent amidst a disruption they have never experienced before. With all the gloomy news encasing us, it is invigorating to hear that the IT and ITES HR functions continue to provide seamless Employee Experience (EX) by leveraging the power of new-age tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Analytics, and Automation.

Having been caught amidst an inexorable plague showing no signs of abating, employers have widely embraced virtual platforms to source, hire, and engage employees to ensure optimum staffing across functions. Undoubtedly, new-age virtual hiring is playing an integral role in minimizing business disruption and making people dynamically adapt to changing needs. The experiences of employees and customers need to be seamless.

  With the temporary closure of the usual route to recruiting talent, organizations are taking the virtual highway to accelerate the hiring process with positive results despite the remote working regulations in force.


Digital Recruitment Framework

Social distancing norms are ensuring that recruiters turn towards virtual collaboration platforms that offer seamless mobile experiences. Multi-device User Experience (UX) tools have redefined the recruitment processes through their efficiency and seamlessness at every phase of the recruiting process: screening, assessment, documentation, on-boarding, and engagement. After sourcing candidates from online sources and social media, recruiters communicate with candidates through new-age HR platforms for evaluation and screening. These platforms follow global data security norms and data compliance laws and integrate with existing HRMS applications. Subsequent interview phases happen via video conferencing applications.

With a flurry of remote video profiling sessions underway, “trust but verify” is the policy employers follow. Bots, AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) tools bolster existing applications and offer behavioral insights, test proctoring, web monitoring during interviews. Post the government restricting travel means the entire documentation phase happens online. Selected candidates need to sign specific clauses to verify their identity. After verification, they receive the digital format of appointment letters. Virtual events such as orientation, technical and soft-skill training, and meet-the-leader sessions ensure a sense of connectivity and engagement for the millennial workforce. Overall, quick processing, turnaround, and unflagging momentum have surged the number of new hires at CSS Corp.

  All organisations are frantically racing to step up to the challenges of the pandemic, but of the whole lot, CSS Corp is delivering on SLAs and productivity through a 100% work from home model. 


Reports claiming that the pandemic has exposed the frailties of the outsourcing landscape has negligible truth to it; the fact is that IT and ITES firms are braving the storm quite well across various global delivery centers through robust frameworks built on automation, analytics, and AI. By automating routine tasks, HR leaders have more time to focus on core strategic aspects of the enterprise.

A Step in the Right Direction

Amidst all the gloom and doom, the industry is putting up a show of resilience. The HR function is waving hope and assurance for employees and job seekers. New-age digital hiring platforms are breaking the stifling chains of incertitude during the pandemic. Employee hiring has taken a turn for the better, and new-age digital service providers continue the momentum in providing transformative EX. During these difficult times, employers and employees heave a sigh of relief thanks to virtual hiring.

* Further reading: Importance of continuous learning during Covid-19.

Brijesh Balakrishnan

Senior Vice President and Delivery Head – Digital Engineering Services and GIS, CSS Corp

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